Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bible Storying

Most of the people with whom I work are illiterate. They cannot read or write. They live in an oral society and have oral traditions. They learn the stories of those who have gone before and tell them to their children. So, in this culture, it is especially important to teach the Bible in the way people will hear and understand. 

In the two churches where I work, Kunyukuo and Kalsagri, I have started a Bible storying class. We meet in Kunyukuo on Sundays, after church, and in Kalsagri on Saturday afternoons. We will methodically study the main 80-100 stories of the Bible, beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation. During the class, the Bible story is told. We discuss it and answer some very pertinent questions, then the story is told again. (This is done in both English and Dagaare.) Then, we break up into pairs and tell the story to each other. Kalsagri did is when I was the Caretaker at their Society. So, they got right into it. They are very animated as they tell the story. And, when someone arrives late, there is no hesitation to tell the newcomer the story of the day.

Kunyukuo, on the other hand is tough. During the first class, people looked at me as if I had three heads. They are not used to doing thing. The last class we had, most groups told the story and a couple of them were very animated. I am hoping that this continues. You can watch some of the Bible storying on my Facebook page, Sue Kolljeski, Serving Christ in Ghana.

In an oral, illiterate society, it important to know the stories and lessons in God’s Word. And, little, by little, these two Societies are able to tell the Bible story and lesson that are taught. Hopefully, people will share the story of God's extreme love for us. And, hopefully they will draw strength from His word, for now they are learning it and hiding it in their hearts.

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