Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Lately life in Lawra has been stressful. Just every day living can cause someone to have a meltdown (don't worry, that didn't happen.) Add to that the differences in culture in the work place. I was needing to get away. And, a workshop in Sunyani provided that for me. After that, I traveled to Accra to get my eyes checked, go to the dentist, do some shopping, etc. before I meet up with a team from Gandy's Cove, AL. on Saturday.

The best thing that happened to me here in Accra was attending worship at Asbury Dunwell Church. Ahhhh! It was balm to my soul, a refreshment to my spirit. Sometimes I just don't realize how much I need a worship service in English or in a familiar style. Being able to worship, to praise God without having any other responsibilities was just what I needed. And, the banner on the wall had an important message for break through the barriers and build on the Rock.

There are times in my work where the barriers seem insurmountable, that nothing will ever change. Then, when I am so close to giving up, I see a glimmer of hope or God reminds me why I am doing what I am doing and I see a chink in the barrier. Oh, I know things will not change overnight. I also know God is with me, just like He was with Gideon when Gideon faced things that seemed too much for him to handle.God did tell Gideon that He was sending him. God also told Gideon, "You can do it because I will help you." I can do it, because God will help me.