Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Time to Heal

Three months ago, I was in Lawra, Ghana, enjoying life and the work God has given me...all except for one minor detail. I was in constant pain. My right knee had been bothering me for years, and, little by little, it became worse. So bad, that, after arriving back in Lawra after attending a meeting in Tamale, I called my doctor to set a date for a total knee replacement. I had one on my left knee six years ago, so I knew what I was getting myself into, right?
So, I flew back to Erie, PA. I had all the needed lab work and pre-surgery stuff done. Then, on October 17, I went to UPMC Hamot for surgery. Three days later, I was back at my sisters' house in PAIN! I don't remember the last surgery being this painful. But, then, I am a bit older! A CPM machine (to keep my knee moving at increasing angles, six hours a day) was sent home with me. It seems as if all I do is try to get comfortable, do some exercises and get on "the rack."
This time of healing has been hard on me. When I am on pain meds, I can't concentrate. Reading is difficult, if I want to remember what I read. Even watching a DVD gets old real quick. Sleep does not come easy. And, trying to get comfortable in bed...forget it! Keeping a good attitude is the hardest thing of all. Because of the pain, tightness around the knee and lack of range of motion, getting around isn't real easy.
I had therapy at home for two weeks. Holly, my therapist, was such an encouragement. Now, I am going to out patient therapy. In the 2 1/2 weeks since surgery, a lot has been accomplished. Yet, I want to be 100% healed yesterday! It takes time. A small step here, an increase of a degree in the bend or straightening of the knee - they are all major accomplishments for me. It is difficult to "sit back" and let the healing happen. Yes, I have things to do to aid in the healing, some painful, some, not so painful. I guess what it all boils down to, is do I sit around and mope and think, "Woe is me!" Or, do I thank God for the opportunity to have this surgery, this time to take life a bit slower and enjoy His love and His creation? Honestly, I have done both. But, as time goes on, I hope my attitude would be more positive and show my thankfulness to God and would reflect Him instead of feeling sorry for myself.
For everything there is a season. And, for me, now is a season of healing.