Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Sound of the Drums

Each morning, I have been greeted with a very familiar sound....the sound of drums! Oh, they are not funeral drums that I hear. The drumming I hear has a strong, steady beat. This is "marching season." On 6 March, Independence Day, every school and organization in the area will compete in a Marching Competition.

Students from preschool through Senior High and beyond will participate. Organizations, police, fire department, even Zoom Lion (a garbage collection business) will participate. There will be a panel of judges, including the Paramount Chief. This is serious business!
So, for the next three weeks, the sound of the drums will be heard by all, everywhere, as students young and old, prepare to pass the review stands. These children and adults practice for hours on end in the sun. Each has their own twist on how the marching is to be done...snap to attention or be ready from the start? Hands open or closed? Salute the review stand or not? It is quite interesting.
All of this time reserved and dedicated to marching. I wonder...if so much time is given to marching, which has no eternal much time do I dedicate to things with eternal value? How about you?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Recently, I was in Fruitland Park, FL for The Mission Society's Global Gathering. (All the missionaries that serve under the umbrella of The Mission Society came together for training, enrichment, fellowship and celebration of The Mission Society's 30th Anniversary.) Here are some "Words of Wisdom" from that Gathering...

~ "You can have friendship without discipleship, but I don't believe that you can have true discipleship without friendship."
~ The Bible calls us to BE like Christ, not to DO things. If we are willing to be, then God can do through us.
~ The role for North American missionaries in the global church is to be the "talka" guys - to share the Gospel where it hasn't gone before.
~ "We [as North American] missionaries tend to go too few places and try to do everything for everyone." - Steve Saint
~ The Steve Saint approach to effective missions - "Know, Go, Show, and Blow". Know the Gospel message, go and show others, then get out.
~ Teach us to teach others to walk on God's path. -The Waorani people to Steve Saint

...more to come when I find my notes!