Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Pennsylvania Tour

I'm on a Pennsylvania tour - five cities in seven days! No, I am NOT a rock star. I am not a politician running for office. I am a missionary on Home Assignment, trying to connect with those who partner with me and encourage me. And, trying to raise support so I can stay in Lawra, Ghana for another five years, discipling people who live in the villages surrounding Lawra. So, I am on the road.

People wonder what I do while I am in the US. Is it good to be "home?" (Well, for this time of my life, "home" is in Lawra, Ghana. So, it is What are you doing while you are here? Well, let me tell you what I have been doing...less than 24 hours in country, I drove two hours so I could meet with the pastor of my home church. (He is new at the church since I was last here.) Then, I spent time with my "web and design goddess" to update, design and print some things for my display table. In addition to that, my friendly Geeks updated my laptop and tablet. Now, I am ready!

I have spoken with people on either a Sunday at church or in a less formal setting at least seven times. And, now, I am on a seven day road trip during which I will be sleeping in five different cities! Talk about being busy and tired. Homeland Assignment is NOT for the weak of heart. 

In the midst of it all, I am so grateful to the LORD. I have met many people who love God and want to see His Kingdom established in all the corners of the world. I have seen lakes and rivers and mountains and corn fields and lots of paved road. I an thankful for the people who have given me their cars to drive for miles and miles and days. I am appreciative of all those who gave me a place to lay my head at night, who have fed me and spoiled me.

Yes, I am on The Pennsylvania Tour. It will continue for weeks. But, connecting with God's people on His mission makes it all worth it. Why don't you come along and join God in His mission, too?