Saturday, October 30, 2010

Subtle Changes

All week I've been wondering, "How much is enough?" On one of the election promos, all you hear is "Greed is good...greed is good." I don't remember who was slamming whom or for what office that is being pursued at this time. Anyway, the question remains, "How much is enough?"

Today I stopped in a Joann Fabrics and Crafts Store. It is a wonderful place to buy stamping supplies, baskets, paper and seasonal stuff. I was kinda looking for something for my sister for Christmas. But, today, all I saw was "stuff." I don't think I was actually seeing anything. I wasn't tempted to buy anything. Sure, there were a lot of nice things, stamping supplies and some really cute stuff, but, "How much is enough?"

I'm in the process of simplifying my life with the expectation of moving to Ghana in the next few months. So, my dilemma is, "What do I keep? What do I sell? What do I give away?" and"Is the 'almighty dollar' always best as the bottom line?" I think not. Sure, I would like to sell what I can. It would be good seed money for my moving expenses. But, I have to admit, it would be even better to give some of my stuff to a homeless shelter, women's shelter, etc. After all, my "stuff" really isn't my "stuff" and it's on loan from God.

So, "How much is enough?" Just the bare basics. This is what I've been thinking about lately. It's a part of the metamorphosis that is happening in my life right now. Praise God!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pair O' Ducks

As I was driving home from Erie this morning, I was deep in thought. I was thinking about the "Pair O' Ducks" of my life right now. I am so excited and looking forward to moving to Ghana. I am moving forward in that direction. I'm support raising, which is a given. But, I am also packing boxes of "stuff" I want to sell or give away. Little by little, shelves, drawers, closets, cupboards are being cleared out. Some of my furniture is awaiting for me to say, "Come and pick up your 'new' bed or chair or whatever." I'm beginning to simplify my life in this way, looking forward to the day when I will board the plane and fly to the children in Ghana that I long to see again.

Yet, I love this season, the fall colors are beautiful. Once again, I am sleeping under my big, fuzzy blanket from Kazakhstan. Hooded sweatshirts and flannel pajama pants are my work at home "uniform." The scent of fall candles is comforting. Hot tea in the afternoon is rejuvenating. I want to put out my fall decorations and am tempted to buy one or two more. The Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff is beautiful. And, again, my heart is longing...a "pair o' ducks."

My paradox (pair o' ducks) is the contradictory statements or the inconsistency in what I am experiencing. It's not wrong, it's just the way it is. I'm happy to be on this journey, yet it is bittersweet because I am saying "farewell" to things that have been a part of my life for so long. I am embracing both...the happy, pleasant duck, or feelings, and the yucky duck, or feelings. They both need to be felt. Both need to be a part of my life at this time. Some days are easier than others. Some days are harder. It is the peace of Christ that keeps me going at times like these.

I know, at least in part, the adventure He has for me. And I intend to travel on that adventure praising Him and giving Him the glory, even in the midst of the "pair o' ducks" of my life.