Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Gift from the Heart

What is the most memorable gift that you have ever received? (Other than the gift of salvation.) Perhaps it was a diamond, the promise of love and a life together. A child is definately a memorable gift from God. Maybe it was a family heirloom. Up to this point for me, it had been a teddy bear given to me by an orphan in Russia. But, I'm thinking the gift I received in Ghana will top that. I was given a live chicken - a rooster to be exact - by the people of the Lawra Methodist Integrated Health Ministries.

Now, what did I do with that live rooster? Well, I graciously accepted it and took it back to Wa where my friends live. I blessed their night watchman with it. I imagine it has been dinner by now.

What impressed me most, both by the teddy bear in Russia and the chicken in Ghana, is that the gift was given not out of the giver's excess, but out of the giver's meager possessions. They both were given sacrificially. The chicken was badly needed food, yet it was given with a grateful heart.

When was the last time you gave sacrificially? When was the last time I gave sacrificially? May God forgive us for being "spoiled Americans" in an "it's all about what I want or what I think I need" type of society.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Someone Who Has Touched My Life

This young boy's name is Kwabana. He lives in an orphanage in Lawra, in the north western part of Ghana. And, he has TB in his bones. He's the oldest child in the orphanage, yet smaller than most. When he smiles, he can light up the whole country. He doesn't have a "Woe is me" attitude. His attitude is one of servanthood, wanting to help. When I was there two weeks ago, I had taken some fruit for the children with me. Kwabana wanted to help, so he took a bag from me. It was filled with oranges! The poor dear tried to lift the bag and put it on his head to carry the oranges. His arm was shaking because of the weight of it. My friend, very politely said, "Here, Kwabana, let me carry that for you. You can carry this for me." and gave him a small, lightweight package. Kwabana held out both his hands and cradled the package as if it were priceless crystal. He carried it safely to it's destination, then went outside to be with the other children.

Sometimes, I, too, try to carry a load that is just too big for me to bear. And, my heavenly Father says, "Here, Sue, let Me carry that for you. You can carry this instead." And, what He gives me is something I can handle because He has taught me how to carry that type of load.

I pray that I will always be open to what the Lord has to teach me through others. I'm grateful for the lessons He has taught me and still continues to teach me. May I always have a teachable spirit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

God Heals Computers!

Yesterday, after church, a couple of friends came over for dinner and to work on my computer. Four hours later, after using the gifts God gave him, Chuck retrieved my pictures & videos from my trip, rebooted my computer a few times and retriieved all my data. God is good! I still will do whatever is suggested by the tech people at the office to insure the health and working condition of my computer. But, for now, I am so thankful to have the pictures back! Praise God!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Kolongo Methodist Society

Sharing God's Word

One of the opportunities I had while in Ghana was to visit several village churches. This church, in the village of Kolongo, meets under a tree since they have no building. They have no pastor, either. The people of the village wanted to worship the One, True God, so they drcided to start meeting together. The person who provides leadership for this church is Abraham, a young man who recently finished Senior Secondary School. We found out about the existance of this church only a few days before we visited. It was the first time they had an ordained minister at their service.

That's what it is like in the northern region. People have nothing, yet they want to worship, and they band together. Many give up the opportunity to earn a few cedis so they can attend worship. The caretakers (the people who provide leadership for the village churches) are barely paid. But, they do what they do because of their love of Jesus Christ. The worship at this church was incredible. Let me just say, God was definately there!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in the USA

I arrived back in the USA yesterday. Ghana was amazing again. I fell more and more in love with the country and it's people, especially with the children in the north who have been orphaned by AIDS. I would love to show you pictures. Hopefully, those will come. (My computer crashed while there and the pictures are on the computer.) The north is a poverty filled area where nobody chooses to live. There are no opportunities there. Children don't get the good education they need because teachers don't want to live in the north. The area where I was doesn't even have a doctor at the hospital.
I'll get off my soap box. Just know that there are many in the northern part of Ghana that need prayer, support and people who are willing to put their faith into action and go there to help people with their immediate needs and help them learn how to provide for themselves in the future.