Monday, March 13, 2017

Two Amazing Young Men

I have known Wisdom and Godwin for three years now. They are members of the Kalsagri Methodist Church. I remember when we first received the Dagaare New Testament. Straight away, these two boys sat under a tree, opened them up and began reading. They read Dagaare so well! (And that is unusual.) You would never know that there was no Dagaare teacher at their school. 

These boys have been very active in the life of the church. They read the morning Scripture readings. And, if they are from the Old Testament, in English, they are able to appropriately interpret it into their own language. They are on the list to take a turn to lead the worship services. They walk over a half hour to attend church, Bible study, prayer meeting and school. Godwin interprets for Bible study. Wisdom wants to be a pastor and is always at church when something is scheduled..  Both of them are ranked first in their class - Wisdom in Form 1 (Grade 7) and Godwin in Form 2 (Grade 8.)

So, this past week, these two boys were given bicycles as part of the Kalsagri Bicycle Project. It is for Junior High School students. The requirements are: 1. Be a member of the church. 2. Be VERY active in the life of the church for at last a year. 3. Rank first in your class. Already Isabella, who is ranked third in her class, is saying she will work hard to become first. She, too, is active in the church.

What a joy it has been to watch these young people grow and mature, both physically and spiritually. When I question my work it making a difference...I think of these two and I smile. God has blessed me with knowing these young people. Pray for them as they continue to grow, mature, study and become closer to the one true God in the midst of a society where idol worship is the norm. And, continue to pray for the congregations of Kalsagri and Kunyukuo that they may seek after the Lord and Him only. And pray that these congregations will become "a beacon on a hill" for a dark world."

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